Heatech Engineers...Leaders in Cold Extruded and Cold Forged Components! Location : Chennai India. Contact : S Venkataraman, Phone 91 44 24418913.

  HEATECH ENGINEERS                                   


We are experts at manufacturing Cold Extruded and Cold Forged Components for various automotive and hydraulics applications Cold forging saves both time and money for companies looking to increase their productivity and efficiency.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to become a tier 1 supplier to the top automotive companies in the country. We also envision to build a world class organization that would serve as a example to all the other forging units in the country.

Our Focus

We focus at providing cost effective solutions to your manufactruing problems by providing a sound alternative through the cold extrusion route. Cold extruded products show excellent stability, strength charecteristics and can achieve very close tolerances. We are currently manufacturing components used in hydraulic end fittings and hose pipes. Heatech, started in 1985 was primarily a heat treatment facility until the year 2000. For example, gas carburizing, case hardening, normalizing, tempering, annealing and stress relieving etc. were some of the processes were being carried out. Heat treatment of cylindrical liners with mar-quenching- was a major process for Autoliners Madras private limited. AUDCO and Super Auto Forge, Chendur forgings, India Forge and Drop stamping limited were catered too. Heatech Engineers has established and applies a Quality Management System for manufacture and supply of precision extruded and forged components for engineering industries since 2001. Heatech engineers will provide value and satisfaction to customers. This will be achieved through continuous improvement in product quality, values, delivery and by following ISO 9001 Quality Systems.





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