Heatech Engineers...Leaders in Cold Extruded and Cold Forged Components! Location : Chennai India. Contact : S Venkataraman, Phone 91 44 24418913.

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Heatech Engineers manufactures a range of near net shaped cold extruded components varying in weight from a few grams to 300 grams weight on vertical presses ranging in capacity from 75 tonnes to 150 tonnes. Cold forged parts up to 40mm outside diameter and 30 mm inside diameter and up to 150mm length are currently being produced.


•One 75 Tonnes Hydraulic cold extrusion press.
•Two 100 Tonnes Hydraulic cold extrusion press.
•Two 150 Tonnes Hydraulic cold extrusion press.
• One 300 Tonnes Mechanical Maypress.
• One 100 Tonnes Mechanical press.
• One 200 Tonnes Mechanical press.
• One 63 Tonnes Mechanical press.
• Two 50 Tonnes Mechanical press.
• Two Lokesh TL-20 CNC machines with through coolant facility.
• One Magnetic Crack testing facility.
• Controlled atmosphere annealing furnace.
• Phosphating line.                                                                    
• Vibro finishing machine.
• Bar shearing /Bar cutting facility.
• Drilling Machines
• Tool repair and polishing facilities.
• Hardness Testers.
• Inverted Metallurgical Microscope.
















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